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Marawi Bookshop is a small family business and one of the longest running family owned book stores in the Sudan. Established in the 1960's by Mr. Iskander (Requiescat In Pace, GRHS), Marawi Bookshop has long been paving the way as The #1 Publisher and Bookstore in The Sudan.

Kindly regarded by the elders of Khartoum as 'The Educator of The Sudan', Mr. Iskander once made it his mission to bring a higher quality & wider range of educational material to the Sudan. A pioneer of his time, Mr. Iskander made available books that were never-before seen in The Sudan. 

To supply Schools, Colleges and Universities with all the essentials was the basic premise but to nurture them and cater for their individual relevant needs was his key to success.

With a core belief in the Freedom of Knowledge; that education is essential for success, Iskander was forever eager to help those who wanted to learn and was known to be a fountain of knowledge!

From constantly being surrounded by members of the general public, his closest friends and higher members of the state engaging in deep philosophical, religious or political debates to reciting wonderful tales of mystical worlds and fantastical creatures which would keep many children fascinated for hours.

A rare gentleman who was a true gentle man. Mr. Iskander was a caring soul with the need to empower the people through knowledge and to prove that knowledge is the key to freedom.

“Learn more!”Iskander (Requiescat In Pace, GRHS).


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